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Promoting Independence

The BOOP platform encourages collaboration and teamwork among the key people involved in the care and development of students. A customisable interface means BOOP nurtures the individuality of each child so they can grow at their own pace and in confidence of their own capabilities and strengths.

Who is BOOP for?


Educators can work alongside families and professionals to create individualised resources to support each student in their learning and development. BOOP promotes a consistent, structured and inclusive learning environment in the classroom. Teachers can saves hours of administration tasks, leaving more time to teach.


BOOP enables families to create visual resources and strategies to help promote independnce and inclusion. Using BOOP alongside school, families and loved ones become much more engaged and connected to the classroom. Communication between home and school is more meaningful.


Therapists can gain valuable insights while also becoming a much more pro-active member of the students team. Using BOOP they can quickly document their visit and keep track of all the important things going on in the students life.


BOOP supports and engages students throughout their day, providing structure and consistency. It's place to share and document their learning experiences with their family. Using the BOOP app, students can gain access to resources provided by their teacher to encourage independence and develop new skills. BOOP provides opportunites to improve self-awareness and self-management.


A beautifully designed app to engage and inspire students and an equally intuitive parent teacher app


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Child led software

A digital platform to transform education

The BOOP platform empowers children to learn a greater independence and take ownership of their day to day activities

Communicate and Collaborate

BOOP engages all of the important people in a child's life. Consistant communication is key to ensuring they have the right resources and strategies in place. Working as a team, teachers, parents and even professionals can all have a pro-active role.

Reports and Tracking

BOOP provides fully integrated tools for creating customised reports and resources to help monitor and track developemnt and progress of students. Keep track of the trends and observations and ensure a timely response when needed.

From Home to School..

.. and back again! Children can continue to benefit from BOOP even after the home time bell has rang. Families can use BOOP at home and out and about to help support their development outside of the classroom.


BOOP is successfully used by children and students with special educational needs such as Autism and Downs Syndrome. Personalised schedules encourage independence, helping these students to excel in their learning and to gain the valuable skills they require to improve their outlook in the future.

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BOOP is exciting, imaginative and progressive. It allows for parents, teachers and pupils to enter a community of conversation. It reduces isolationism, encourages interaction, allows for achievement to be maintained, reached and developed. But more importantly allows for success to be celebrated..

Frank Quinn - Principal Lecturer in Education, St Mary’s University College, Belfast