About Limejar

Hi! I’m Debbie. In January 2014 I founded Limejar as a way to empower autistic children. We are currently building an iPhone, iPad and Android app for autistic children and their parents to help develop their independence and build skills for life.

My Story

While studying for a degree in Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast, my son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism.

The diagnosis has helped Nicholas get access to additional help at school and tools to make his day better by providing structure and coherence. It was around this time that I noticed how much easier he found working with an iPad in comparison to any other tool.

Final Year Project

As part of my degree I had to choose a project and the only thing that interested me was developing something useful for our family. Limejar started life as a scheduling tool for us; the aim was always to help Nicholas stay in control of his day. As time went on, I saw more and more potential in Limejar to help Nicholas; I added interventions, handy features like mood charts and interactive educational games and the app has continued to grow from there.

The Future

As parents, we all know that no two children are the same and this is true too for children with autism. Autism affects different children in different ways. Nicholas, for example, has problems interacting with people and reading, but he loves playing the drums, piano and singing. Using Limejar has helped him develop his skills through effective communication and my hope for Limejar is that other children can gain the same independence as Nicholas. We’re very excited about the bright future for children with autism and Limejar.

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