Limejar BOOP


BOOP is available on iPhone and iPad through the Apple Store


BOOP is also available on Android devices such as the Google Nexus and Samsung Tablets through the Google Store

Boop brings people together to connect, create and communicate.
An App that works in conjunction with an online platform for parents, educators and professionals, Boop gives everyone the opportunity take on a pro-active and meaningful role.


Packed with interactive interventions and tools for Autism, focused on improving self-awareness, self-management and organisation, self-assessment and independent learning. This app gives children many opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

Communicate and Connect

Ensuring everyone involved in a child’s care can effectively collaborate and communicate. Remote access means you can create unique schedules, social stories and much more. Everything you create and update remotely is synced directly to the child’s device.

Promotes Independence and Self-Assessment

Using the Boop app Children can gain independence through engaging in self-motivated learning, self-assessment of their own progress, organising their day and playing fun interactive games.

Simultaneous Creation

Link various features that relate to one another, such as attaching a social story, targets and audio to an individual schedule item. Giving children a greater understanding of how their targets relate to everyday activities and environment and reminding them of the important details when they actually matter.

...Boop is exciting, it’s imaginative, it’s progressive, it allows for parents, teachers and pupils to enter a community of conversation. It reduces isolationism, encourages interaction, allows for targets to be set, achievement to be maintained, reached and developed. But more importantly allows for success to be celebrated.

Frank Quinn – Principal Lecturer in Education, St Mary’s University College, Belfast